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Save energy

Ecogy places people first. With green heating solutions that save energy, and thus are saving our planet. Good news for your savings today and good news for our children and grandchildren tomorrow.

Save energy

Ecogy merges ecology and energy into sustainable heating solutions. Stoves that run on pellets or wood, hydro stoves and hydro fireplaces, heat pumps, thermodynamic boilers, hybrid biomass systems … Green installations that guarantee thermal comfort and comply with all of the strictest government standards.

Gain quality

We put a lot of (green) energy into customer satisfaction. With the quality of our solutions and with the reliability of our brands. With the efficiency of our installations and with expertise and advice. Would you like us to examine your situation on the spot and propose the best solution? We will do so with pleasure … and with proficiency.

Earn support

Ecogy uses a unique ecosystem. We only work with authorised installers. And we do so consciously. They know our installations, they update their knowledge at the Ecogy Academy, and they can call on the Ecogy Support Centres at any time. Because to us, durability also means: close partnerships in the long term.

Our offer

Stoves and fireplaces for pellets or wood. Hydro heaters and fireplaces. Solar boilers. Thermodynamic boilers. Heat pumps. Central heating on biomass. Hybrid systems linked to your current installation. Stoves that heat your entire home. Infrared panels … Discover the power of green heating comfort.

Become a dealer

An Ecogy dealer is so much more than … a dealer. He/she is a partner.
A partner who grows with us in terms of knowledge, expertise and passion..

Exclusive brands

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What makes us different

The demand for energy is continuously increasing, while the fossil fuel stocks are shrinking. Moreover, fossil fuels are devastating to our earth. So the time has come to changethe way we think. Make it more durable. With a focus on the future generations. Ecogy places people first. With environmentally friendly heating solutions that help you save energy today. So that our (grand)children still have a future tomorrow.

Register your appliance

Your appliance comes with a standard two-year warranty. For this warranty you have to register your installation online. Would you like to extend the warranty to five years? That is possible with our all-risk package.


Flemish government opts for environmentally friendly energy

On Saturday 21 July 2018, after twenty hours of meetings, the Flemish government reached an agreement on the Flemish Climate and Energy Plan. In this plan, the government is pulling out all the stops on green heat. A decision that is completely in line with our vision. An essentiality. No less than 70% of the energy costs of an average household are attributed to the heating of their house. That is why the government wants to open every door in Flanders to sustainable heating to help preserve the environment.

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