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Grow together with us? Become an Ecogy dealer

Customer growth

Customers who contact us directly? We always refer them to authorised installers and dealers like you. That way your turnover grows, without having to engage in intensive market research yourself.

Knowledge growth

We work with innovating brands that like to share their technology with you. That is why we organise training sessions at our Ecogy Academy in Tongeren. Thus, you stay completely up-to-date and you get to expand your knowledge.

Support growth

You are never alone. Our Ecogy Support Centres (with hotline) always support you quickly and efficiently. From a distance and on the spot if necessary. They offer advice from before the purchase to technical HVAC support during installation.

Ecogy is more than a brand. It is a vision. A vision of sustainability and … of growth. As a dealer you are part of it. Not on the sidelines, but as an important member of the team. And that comes with plenty of advantages.

Reliability growth

Ecogy strives for quality and sustainability. We want to become the number one reference for environmentally friendly heaters. Our logo on your van or sweater? It strengthens your image.

Leadership growth

You are a part of the Ecogy family, but you still have the necessary freedom and independence. You work in clearly defined and privileged regions. Ideal to grow into the market leader in your neighbourhood.

Communication growth

Ecogy attaches great importance to communication. We develop various tools to promote our brands. Tools that you can also use for your communications. Convenient and effective.

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