Dual fuel boiler

A dual fuel boiler is both a pellet boiler and a wood boiler at the same time. This innovative installation runs on two types of biofuels: wood pellets and logs. The dual boiler integrates a chamber for logs as an alternative fuel in addition to the pellet boiler. Thanks to the pellet bunker, the boiler can run completely autonomously according to the preference of the user. The latest trend in the heating industry!


  • The comfort and effectiveness of an automatic heating boiler combined with the ecological benefits of wood logs as a fuel.
  • The ignition of the logs takes place automatically.
  • The dual boiler automatically switches to pellet mode when the wood in the combustion chamber has been burned up.
  • Automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger and the burner.
  • Remarkably reasonable pricing for such advanced technology.
  • The 110 kg pellet bunker is included.
  • Significantly reduces the temperature of the combustion gases.

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