Heat pump

The heat pump is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to heat a home. The pump extracts 80% of its energy from the environment: earth, water and air. The heat pump warms up this energy through compression and forwards it to the home via underfloor heating, radiators or air vents. In this way, the heat pump guarantees constant temperatures and considerable savings.


  • The consumption of the heat pump is no less than five times lower than that of a traditional heating boiler.
  • The pump uses little electricity, it extracts energy from nature: completely free!
  • CO2 emissions are considerably lower.
  • The use of the heat pump is versatile: heating in winter, cooling in summer. The heat pump can also heat the sanitary water to 60 °C and provide the pool with a pleasant temperature.
  • Heat pumps are not only suitable for homes, but also for offices or greenhouse farming.

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