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Ecogy only works with brands that share our vision on sustainability, innovation, reliability, comfort, ease of use and ease of installation. Meet our partners: they have been carefully selected for you.


This is a 100% Italian brand by Fair Europ, a company that has been producing pellet stoves since 1985. The entire production process is realised in-house. Caris is therefore synonymous with reliability and stability according to the highest standards.


This Spanish specialist produces heat pumps and thermodynamic systems according to best practice. Exclusively European components and always high-tech! The installation is easy, maintenance is minimal.


This Italian company dates back to 1967. Since its establishment, people and the environment have always been central. They are specialists in electronically controlled combustion of pellets and wood. This results in impressive (wood) stoves, hydro inserts and heaters, and central heating systems.

Dal Zotto

A brand released by the La Nordica Extraflame Group. The designs are exclusive. Dalzotto also resolutely embraces biomass with electronically controlled pellet and wood burning for stoves, inserts and even … cookers.

Euro Alpi

Sustainable, environmentally friendly, with high energy savings: these values are key in the Italian brand Euroalpi. Their electronically controlled pellet combustion achieves yields of up to 96%. The best value for money on the market.


This Italian brand builds on 45 years of experience in central heating stoves, boilers and cookers. Innovative, high-tech, cutting-edge with a classy and contemporary design in the entire production line. In other words: how Italian design and yield coincide perfectly.

Domusa Teknik

High-tech central heating systems that run on biomass, boilers with a buffer tank, and heat pumps. Domusa is a brand by Mondragon. This Spanish group is the prototype of the cooperative movement. Participation, innovation and social responsibility are key.


The absolute top in the field of outdoor flue pipes and smoke ducts. All finished products contain the European CE label. All parts and raw materials are accompanied by the proper quality labels and certificates of origin.

Save Fumisteria

This is the market leader in indoor stove pipes and smoke ducts. This reliable Italian firm succeeds in giving even a drainpipe a touch of design.

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